Makkah (By Sofia Kashif)

“Surely Allah has chosen four cities from amongst all others, just as He, the Noble and Grand has said (in the Noble Qur’an): “I swear by ‘the fig’ and ‘the olive’ and the ‘Mountain of Sinai’ and by this protected city.” ‘The fig’ is the city of Madinah; ‘The olive’ is the city of Baitul Maqdas (in Jerusalem); ‘The Mountain of Sinai’ is Kufah; and the protected city is Makkah.”


Soul Wispering


Somestories don’t need ink

To be written,

They need blood!


How to face dejection!

I have learned

To have a big laugh

When all I want

Is a bitter cry!!!!!


You left me in chaos!!!!


Destined to be an odd

in your so even a life!


Can’t be an evil

In your good ways of life!