Makkah (By Sofia Kashif)

“Surely Allah has chosen four cities from amongst all others, just as He, the Noble and Grand has said (in the Noble Qur’an): “I swear by ‘the fig’ and ‘the olive’ and the ‘Mountain of Sinai’ and by this protected city.” ‘The fig’ is the city of Madinah; ‘The olive’ is the city of Baitul Maqdas (in Jerusalem); ‘The Mountain of Sinai’ is Kufah; and the protected city is Makkah.”


We Are Human

Under these
Bullets and bombs
Missiles and drones
Our skin tone is not
Still humanized enough
To touch the merit of
Human Rights…

Because we don’t own
Manacles of your
So called “Revolutions”
That are still caging our words
In the prison of your
“Fake freedom”

Keep terrorizing
Keep killing
Keep droning our acreage
Till my land stop rising
“Savages” against tyranny

My mother asked me
To tell you
Till the end of time!


Writer : Soudah Sultana El Zamaa

Soul Wispering


Somestories don’t need ink

To be written,

They need blood!


How to face dejection!

I have learned

To have a big laugh

When all I want

Is a bitter cry!!!!!


You left me in chaos!!!!


Destined to be an odd

in your so even a life!


Can’t be an evil

In your good ways of life!