Breakfast at La brioche,Dalma Mall, AbuDhabi

La brioche is always a beautiful place and my personal favourite for a French style breakfast, coffee or a party with friends.It is as serene in the Dalma mall for a breakfast as in Khalifa city, AbuDhabi, as all the stores or entertainment spots around weren’t opened yet.While long walk ways were quite and lazy on a  Friday morning we  rushed to La brioche, Dalma mall for  breakfast as I was getting late for my some official work.


  • Quick
  • Polite
  • Helpful

(We were in a rush so I request them to be quick in serving and to my surprise,they were actually!)

Sitting area:

  • Beautifully decorated
  • Intimate space
  • Instagram friendly
  • Outdoor seating
  • Spacious place
  • Comfy sofas

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  • French bakery
  • Eggs
  • Healthy eating
  • Omletts
  • Croissants
  • Granola

Menu we choose:

  1. Kids meal:(French toast+fresh juice)
  • Ample
  • Served with fresh juice
  • Perfect in taste
  • Soft
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Sumptuous

2.French Toast:(regular breakfast)

  • Very soft,
  • ample
  • served with strawberries and cream
  •  more than you actually need!
  • Perfectly toasted

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It’s a yummy fruitful healthy options: a Shia pudding is

  •  mixed with coconut and soya milk,
  •  loaded with berries,grapes and orange and
  • grated roasted pistachio gives a  seducing taste.
  • The presentation is as beautiful as the delish taste and health it offers.
  • for me I mostly prefer healthy eating as it keep my calories guilt on a controlled level.
  •  Verdict:
  • Beautiful place
  • Affordable prices
  • Ample servings

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Studio Masr, Dalma Mall, Abu dhabi


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Studio Masr is a Middle Eastern Egyptian restaurant, having a Huge variety of grill. This is the attraction convinced me to lead to the couch from the menu on reception. I am looking for some healthy options now days, to consume fewer fats and have a watch on my weight. Studio Masr is added as my first for healthy eating days. I have decided to choose a healthy option for me every fortnight.(don’t be shocked for “once in a fortnight!!!” 😲😲as I do healthy eating in my regular life. It’s just out dinners that exceed my calories consumption! 😊)

As an Asian, we always crave for spice and herbs in our foods. So mostly Middle eastern cuisine give us a bit tough time for being low in spices. Studio Last is among those that will not disappoint an can order a spicy or extra spicy grill and Viola! Huge variety of chicken, beef, mutton grill, and kababs are on the menu. Add on spice and addition of some hot sauce give their grills a delish taste and aroma. Ample platter of grill meat served with the grill vegetables and fries( definitely I left for my kids as my healthy eating plan) is enough for a power meal.I selected four different platters for four of us and none of them was less in taste.

  1. Bent .El Akabar (shish tawook)
  2. Kashkhash kofta
  3. Ameer Al Inteqam( mix grill)
  4. Leabet El Set(boneless grilled chicken): This was the best chicken, so soft and juicy and delicious.

All these items were served with grill tomatoes.🍅🍅, grill onions and green chillies🌶🌶🌶🌶.

Somebody told me that the plates are named after famous Egyptian movies of their time. That’s another interesting fact.You can see the photos of the movies on the walls around,representing their theme cleverly.

Before the order, they served their complimentary bread. OMG! that’s so amazing little fluffy soft bread; a mix combination of chappati+khubazh+ bread! It was so soft and fluffy as it sustained its shape for long. That gave us a very good start with pickles and sauces!

Why should you visit STUDIO MASR?

1.perfect in taste and aroma even for Asians.

2.huge middle eastern grill menu.

3.their complimentary fluffy bread is amazing. 👌👌👌👌👌

Sitting Area is huge and services are good!!!! They have also a big variety of middle eastern desserts and drinks.

Some official information :
“A tribute to Egypt’s magnificent movie-production studio in the golden era of Egyptian cinema, Studio Masr is a unique themed restaurant. The restaurant specializes in charcoal grill entrees and authentic Egyptian and Middle Eastern cuisine.Studio Masr delivers the epitome of family entertainment with an all-time classic twist, an authentic Middle Eastern experisence that is casually elegant yet infectiously fun.”(thanks to Studio Masr website) 


For their Official website plz check!