Breakfast at La brioche,Dalma Mall, AbuDhabi

La brioche is always a beautiful place and my personal favourite for a French style breakfast, coffee or a party with friends.It is as serene in the Dalma mall for a breakfast as in Khalifa city, AbuDhabi, as all the stores or entertainment spots around weren’t opened yet.While long walk ways were quite and lazy on a  Friday morning we  rushed to La brioche, Dalma mall for  breakfast as I was getting late for my some official work.


  • Quick
  • Polite
  • Helpful

(We were in a rush so I request them to be quick in serving and to my surprise,they were actually!)

Sitting area:

  • Beautifully decorated
  • Intimate space
  • Instagram friendly
  • Outdoor seating
  • Spacious place
  • Comfy sofas

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  • French bakery
  • Eggs
  • Healthy eating
  • Omletts
  • Croissants
  • Granola

Menu we choose:

  1. Kids meal:(French toast+fresh juice)
  • Ample
  • Served with fresh juice
  • Perfect in taste
  • Soft
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Sumptuous

2.French Toast:(regular breakfast)

  • Very soft,
  • ample
  • served with strawberries and cream
  •  more than you actually need!
  • Perfectly toasted

Watch: Mugg&beans,khalifa city, AbuDhabi seed delight:(healthy eating)

It’s a yummy fruitful healthy options: a Shia pudding is

  •  mixed with coconut and soya milk,
  •  loaded with berries,grapes and orange and
  • grated roasted pistachio gives a  seducing taste.
  • The presentation is as beautiful as the delish taste and health it offers.
  • for me I mostly prefer healthy eating as it keep my calories guilt on a controlled level.
  •  Verdict:
  • Beautiful place
  • Affordable prices
  • Ample servings

Check website:


Cuisine: international;

 a blend of best tastes around the globe

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Sitting and surrounding:

  • Comfy couches and chairs
  • A real kitchen effect with brown and cream colour scheme.
  • Open and private areas
  • Open dinning area in avenue
  • Surrounded and rushed
  • In the center of  Yas mall life


Kids Meal:

  • One main+  drink +dessert=45aed
  • You can order separately
  • Burgers are bigger than average size in kids meals
  • Fresh Juices with meal is another plus
  • Either they don’t have color pages for kids or they forgot to offer us
  • They offer  a little sitting area for toddlers as well.
  • One of best kids meal

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Main course:

  • Chicken Cesare salad(65aed)
  • Kati roll….(50aed)
  • Pomegranate tea (26aed)

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Kati Roll
Chicken Caesar Salad


  • Kati roll is mouthwatering and delish,a dish of Indian taste.
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Caesar salad is good too
  • Iced tea jar was amazing
  • Prices are quite equal to chilli but the serving sizes are smaller.

    Pomegranate tea


  • Good
  • Polite
  • Need a little more keenness


  • Dubai







  1. Dubai international terminal 1, concourse D
  2. Dubai international terminal 3 concourse A
  3. Dubai international terminal 3, concourse B


  • AbuDhabi







  1. Yas Mall AbuDhabi






Breakfast at Mugg&Bean! Etihad Plaza,Abu Dhabi

Mugg &Bean is a best breakfast place for me  as it has a huge variety of Breakfast, nearby my home and now with more add on menu.


Surrounding and seating:

  • Out door and indoor
  • Scenic
  • Green, flowery and airy
  • Pleasant for breakfast and dinnerMain attractions for me:
  • Huge collection of breakfast menu
  • Beautiful and scenic indoor and outdoor seating
  • Brown Muffins with raisins

Leopold’s of London

    Main course for kids:

    Chicken nuggets 18aed

    Babychino 5aed

    •  with a lot of crispy fried.
    • Crispy 
    • Delish
    • Crunchy

    Main course:

    • New Yorker: 45aed
    • Berry Delight: 42aed
    • Chicken Caeser salad Sandwich: 38 aed


      1. Huge meal
      2. Delish
      3. Available with brown bread
      4. Tasty and mouthwatering

       Check it !Mama’s fu Fu,Asian Cuisine

        New Yorker


          • Bottomless Iced tea
          • Cappachino
          • Latte


            • Good
            • Sometimes A little rude
            • While taking orders they may  miss the datails ,so batter to be very attentive while placing orders.


            120 for two people 




            Mugg & Bean is operating internationally in: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kuwait and UAE. Locations currently in the UAE are:

            • Abu Dhabi Mall                                                 Tel: 02 645 4232
            • Spinneys Khalidiya                                          Tel: 02 681 2149
            • Al Masaood Automobiles – Mussafah              Tel: 02 555 0570
            • Etihad Plaza – Khalifa City A                           Tel: 02 556 8710
            • Sharjah Mega Mall                                           Tel: 06 574 7470
            • Thanks

            Wrap it, Yas Mall, (Abu Dhabi) 


            • Economic(30 aed/meal)
            • Tasty
            • meal (wrap +wedges+salad+cold drinks)
            • Big in size
            • Quite Healthy if you avoid the fizzy drinks
            • Ready in 10 minutes
            • Good food to go

            Variety in menus:

            • Tikka
            • Barb Q
            • Falafel
            • Meet shawarma
            • Spicy chicken
            • Chicken tender
            • and more

            -ve points:

            • Nothing except it’s in the hussle buzzle of food court
            • Locations:
            • Yas Mall,Abu Dhabi
            • Bas Mall,Abu Dhabi
            • Doha:villaggeo, Landmark,GulfMall

            Wrap it website link:


            Carluccios,Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE

            Surrounding & Sitting:

            • Beautiful and sleek interiors and couches
            • Cool and soft color scheme
            • Spacious and stylish
            • Beautiful paintings and flower arrangements

            Kids meals:

            • Large size pizza 🍕( you can order for yourself 😉😉😉)
            • Crunchy and amazing bread sticks
            • Juices🍹🍹
            • Brownie vanilla😋😋😋
            • Pricey but fits.(35aed/child)
            • Colors and colouring papers

              Main course ( for us)

              • Main courses with chicken is really delish.
              •  chicken and mushroom papparedlle pasta is very unique & yummy in taste.
              • Main courses with chicken (almost 80aed) and grills that are served with two additional two sides of your choice are comparatively pricey( 80 to 130 aed) , not less in taste and presentation
              • A big variety of beverages.
              • The glasses for Pomegranate Punch seems smaller comparatively to others ,,,🍹🍹(21aed)


              • They have a special package price:
              • Three course meal with a drink costs only 85 aed/meal
              • We didn’t get the offer and we paid more than with only a main course and drink 🙈🙈

              Services: ,🍽🍽🍽

              • Perfect



                • The Dubai Mall
                • City centre Midriff
                • Dubai Marina Mall
                • City center Deira
                • Dubai airport T3
                • Ibn Battuta
                • Arabian Ranches 11

                Abu Dhabi:UAE

                •  The Galleria
                • Yas Mall
                • Eastern Mangroves


                • Doha Festival City
                • The Pearl
                • Mall of Qatar



                 Romano’s Macaroni grill, Dalma Mall, Abu dhabi


                • Presentation is very tempting & beautiful.
                • Lemonades and iced teas are amazing.
                • Disappointing taste of main course( as per we tasted)
                • Kids meals are batter.


                • Poor
                • No reception  on arrival
                • No  see off

                Good points:📍📍📍

                • kids friendly white art table cover for a full scale sketching.
                • Kids menu is good


                220 aed for two persons for a two course meal.


                • Dalma Mall.Abu Dhabi
                • World trade center mall,Abu Dhabi
                • Alshahama,Abu Dhabi



                Mama Fu’S,Asian House,Dalma Mall,Abudhabi

                Review. 🔖🔖📌

                an Asian house!

                🕴🍽🕴 Foods and Services:

                • A yummy Asian cuisine( with superb taste of  the best of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese flavors
                • The vegetable rolls are light and crunchywith a delish sauce.
                • One of best Asian tastes in town
                • Thai cashews stir fry chicken noodles were amazing.
                •  🍲🍲“Broccoli fried rice“was very good.
                • 🍝 If you are a spice lover,”singapore noddles” are for you, for me it was. 😢😢😢.
                • Honey glazed chicken rice are amazing,A must try!
                • Iced mint ginger green tea was  refreshing and mouthwatering.

                Review of Leopold’s of London, Makani  Mall


                • Good


                • Dalma mall, AbuDhabi
                • Festival city,Dubai


                200 aed for two

                Website & menu ( order online)