Intuition body scrub by H&M

About beauty products,I am very anxious.i prefer quality over quantity.Thats the way I deal with pricy products,buy two than four but go for credibility and authenticity.This time which products I tried it was so good in results with a just little expence.

What is it?

A clarifying scrub that buffs and revitalises all skin type, made up of Apricot Seeds & Green tea Extract

How to use?

In the bath or shower, massage onto your skin with circular motions and rinse thoroughly.

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The grainy thick scrub leaves your skin Outstandingly soft and moisturised with a refreshing fragrance of Apricot seeds on your body,and this effect is real not only acclaimed.Its perfect for an environment so full of air-conditioning, humidity and splendid sun.This scrub really worth your money.




Dhs:69           KD:5.900

OR:6.900.      BAD:6.900

Sale deal:

The sale season is offering this scrub with as low price as 15 aed.Sale is on in store and online till stock last,so go and grab your stock.such a little expence will give you an outstanding experience,I bet!




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