A Morning at Al Raha Beach Hotel,Abu Dhabi🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The two months of summer vacations  really made us mommies ,insane.So after the back to school relief ,the very first day,  me and my friend Aasiya  joined hands , after dropping our kids at the doorstep of their classes and rushed towards Alraha Beach Hotel for a delicious breakfast in a  beautiful morning(of course it was beautiful after leaving our kids in school 😜😜).

Staycation at Radisson blu,Yas Island ,Abu Dhabi

Atmosphere & surroundings:💯👌👌

  • Serene
  • Spacious
  • Fresh
  • Beautiful
  • Majestic combination of gold and red colour
  • Elegant and rich tone
  • Great ambiance

Wow! It was a serene and cool dinning hall with the spectacular views of the One Dirham Structure,the famous Aldar HQ tower .Do you want beautiful views with your buffet,head over to Sevilla,that’s really fit for your romantic mood.

Iftar Buffet at Terrace on the Corniche, AbuDhabi

Breakfast at Savilla:

  • International


  • Perfect protocol
  • Quick services
  • Keen

The Services, protocol, reception every thing was outstanding. . It was  a perfect breakfast with the international cuisine, cereals,mousli,fruits,stir-fry vegetable, aaloo paratha,Juices and coffee,serving every breakfast item of your taste and choice.

What’s the most remarkable about Alraha Beach Hotel:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • The views
  • OMG the blue rose arrangements on reception
  • The serenity in the high ceilings lounge
  • The cool and soft color scheme that made you feel so comfortable and pleasing
  • Have your dinning experience at terrace that’s the best place to enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Every beauty you name they have.

buffet at Kamoon,Khalidiya Palace Rehan,AbuDhabi


  • One of the few places I would love to visit many times.believe me! you’ll love it!.

    For their website, check link!


    Carluccios,Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Surrounding & Sitting:

    • Beautiful and sleek interiors and couches
    • Cool and soft color scheme
    • Spacious and stylish
    • Beautiful paintings and flower arrangements

    Kids meals:

    • Large size pizza 🍕( you can order for yourself 😉😉😉)
    • Crunchy and amazing bread sticks
    • Juices🍹🍹
    • Brownie vanilla😋😋😋
    • Pricey but fits.(35aed/child)
    • Colors and colouring papers

      Main course ( for us)

      • Main courses with chicken is really delish.
      •  chicken and mushroom papparedlle pasta is very unique & yummy in taste.
      • Main courses with chicken (almost 80aed) and grills that are served with two additional two sides of your choice are comparatively pricey( 80 to 130 aed) , not less in taste and presentation
      • A big variety of beverages.
      • The glasses for Pomegranate Punch seems smaller comparatively to others ,,,🍹🍹(21aed)


      • They have a special package price:
      • Three course meal with a drink costs only 85 aed/meal
      • We didn’t get the offer and we paid more than with only a main course and drink 🙈🙈

      Services: ,🍽🍽🍽

      • Perfect



        • The Dubai Mall
        • City centre Midriff
        • Dubai Marina Mall
        • City center Deira
        • Dubai airport T3
        • Ibn Battuta
        • Arabian Ranches 11

        Abu Dhabi:UAE

        •  The Galleria
        • Yas Mall
        • Eastern Mangroves


        • Doha Festival City
        • The Pearl
        • Mall of Qatar



        Staycation at Radisson blu, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

        Why Redisson blu, Yas island?

        Are you a poet? A songwriter? No?  OK!  But you love poetry? love sun rise and sun sets?adore nature? Enjoy serenity? Fond of starry nights? Yes! Redisson Blu  in Yas Island is  fit for you. Sit in the balcony, watch the tired sun setting behind Yas links into the sea. Stay late night to witness the milky way of the moon to the depth of the sea, following the sun. The serene moonlit mesmerizes you, you write poetry, sing a song or at least listen some great melodies of your favorite classics or modern. The spacious balcony with great views is really worth your money. wp-image-1835431702

         More plus! 

        1. Beautiful views out of windows.
        2. Spacious rooms with  balconies ,big wardrobe and desk .
        3.  they offer complimentary Water world and Ferrari passes often with their package / deal. ( inquire them for details)
        4. Free  Yas beach entry
        5. Three big pools, separate for kids, family and couples.
        6. A beautiful business lounge on the 8th floor for adds on serenity.wp-image-1960616798


        Oh they missed!!! 

        1. Lipton yellow lybel tea is not included in their complimentary tea package
        2. Protocol is not up to the mark!
        3. Breakfast at Assymetri has a limited menu:( but services and taste is up to the mark.)


        For more images check link




        For details;  check  website link below!


        Sun, sky and beaches in Abudhabi


         I acknowledged my love for serene evenings and magnificence of gloomy sunsets from the very outset of my young life but it’s destined to have an unmistakable place in my life was out of my all speculation. Evening walks on my Abba’s terrace was my daily ritual for many years of my teenage, with some whispering melodies of the famous hits of nineties era travelling through the air from the nearby markets. Those walks used to help me in maintaining my super smartness those days,  reducing all the stress and strain of the day’s hectic academic routine and pressure of studies but also a way to clasp the beauty of nature. I departed from my Babul home to miss those walks and romantic evenings once for all.  

        Regarding temperature, evenings are not as pleasant in the Emirates so far due to the splendid sun, humidity of sea and the exhausted heat of millions air-conditioning systems and machines working across the region.though now                   Meteorologists are procrastinating about the climate change in the middle east in the coming years.In spite of all the heat, the alluring sunsets are more scenic and mesmerising in the modern cityscapes of Abu Dhabi.Years before when I was in my grade twelfth, I had had crazy dreams in night. Sometimes I found myself in deserts with some ancient temples made of clay in a gloomy evening, sometimes it was a rush of big wheels etc, sometimes surrounded by the snub and extravagant gentry.   Belonging to a   traditional middle-class Pakistani family in a small town I was unable to interpret my dreams as an immigration to Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, a state full of luxury, enchanted lifestyle, and lavish class.I used to interpret those with my admission in some big university of the region. I realised about the ultimate truth of my dreams after living in Abu Dhabi for a couple of years. Abu Dhabi is a state of luxury, lush lifestyle and the glittering coastlines that are considered prime locations to enjoy the exotic sunsets.

        In UAE, Sun is an important element of life along with sky, sea and sand. These 4S are at it’s best in UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi, with picturesque views, beautiful mix of traditional and modern, and a fusion of man -made and nature of tropical glamour. As surrounded with Gulf, Abu Dhabi, with its extended summer seasons and long bright days offers the enthralling sunsets, though evenings are very hot and humid for most of a year as compared to those in Pakistan.  As an agricultural country, Pakistan is bountiful in fertility of soil, a lot of green always help the temperature to drop by half in the evenings and make it a batter place to go out.The hottest days of blazing sun in June and July also drop in many pleasant evenings of Pakistan. 

        It’s quite different in UAE,  that is located on the vast wide sandy region, occupied by the tallest skyscrapers and loaded with electronic machine and technology, the temperature is always at its highest with minor differences among days and nights. It’s more than 50 degrees in days of June and July( nowadays) and around 40° in evenings and night.Anyone who has spent a fair amount of time in Abu Dhabi is aware of the fact that the intensity of heat does not affect the beauty of glorious sunsets. In my three years of photography passion, more than 75% of my photography covers the sun and the sky. 

        In fact wandering in some quite evenings I have captured thousands of photos of fading big yellow ball beyond the horizon, into the gleaming waves of the sea or behind the white majestic Shaikh Zaid Mosque that is the best spot to witness the glory of the sunset.There are other plenty of perfect sunset spotting locations around the city, including many of the capital ‘s beach sides and the motorways crossing the wide country areas with no skyscraper around to offer the dignified sunsets  otherwise are hidden behind the congestion of  high rise metropolitan life. Albander, Alraha Beach, Khaleej Al Arabi  Park, Al bateen beach and dozens of luxiourious beaches owned by many luxury hotels and resorts around every corner of gulf also offer the best views of the settling of sun.