Daily for a morning walk walking on these fallen leaves
I thank God for the moments!
The moments when nobody is around
Yet colorful leaves are there to step on,
No warm loving people but welcoming soft morning breeze Kissing my cheeks,
Murmuring greetings in my ears!
Thanking Him For a walk through this luster darling green
For the remembrances blinking in my heart,
the dreams in my eyes,the peace of present
For the lessons of the past!

thankingThe Almighty to whom everything, everyone belongs ,
for letting me hold of these pleasures a while!
Though I know I’m just a walk in person
Destined to leave this land of colours and wonders one day!
A bidding farewell always awaits on next corner
And lingering journey on my way
while leaving My baggage will be stuffed with
yellow leaves ,trodden ways, cuckoo’s tales,
fairy’s dreams, solitudes ,secluded mists.


Write up & photography: Sofia Kashif