Where is the lost world?
Where people were good to each other without any reason,
Where people used to help others for the sake of humanity,
Where people used to care each other without any benefit,
Where people used to be friendly without the wish of getting any advantage,
Where people were polite to each other without looking at your status,
Where people were gentle to others without the wish of having dominance on people,
Where people used to treat each others like a human not a puppet or toys,
Where people used to respect each other genuinely without looking at your financial status,
Where people used to do joke with each other to make everyone happy not to disrespect others,Where people used to be genuine without being fake,
Where people used to be happy with less money and materialistic objects,
Where people were not hypocrite , jealous and mean,
Where people were not mad over technology,When life was simple and people were sensible,
When life was free from technology and full of sincerity,
When people were not clever , witty and savage ,
But they were intelligent , wise and graceful.
When people were loyal not diplomatic,
When people were helping , caring towards each other not professional and practical,We have lost this world with our own behaviour,
With our negativity and with our insensitivity,
And with our careless attitude.We have lost the world where people were humans,
where everyone believed on humanity,Now where is the lost world?
How we can find it?We can find it by looking inside ourselves,
by changing our thinking, our perspective and our behaviour,
and by changing ourselves,
and by bringing change in our personalities,
by bringing back all those positive qualities inside ourselves.And by realizing that these qualities are not weakness ,
they are the strength , they are the real things ,
which make human being human,
which diffes between human and animal.

By__Aroob Siddiqui

Photography o cover design:SofiaKashif