Tall tales is a movie about Apollo, a
grasshopper who loves to sing. The main
characters are: Apollo, a singing sensation who
lost his job, Margarite, A queen bee who loves
nature, and wendy, margarites friend who
turned evil. It all started with apollo, a new
guy in town, who meets wendy, who tricks him to
go and see the queen. Wendy did not tell apollo
why. She wanted to steal the honey from the
castle. In the meantime, queen margarite was
planning to escape to nature where apollo
found her thinking she was a beggar. Margarite
confessed that she is no beggar, but a queen.
Apollo showed her some tricks. It was there
when margarite was kidnapped and apollo and
his friends had to go and save her.

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The theme is between goodness and evil in a
beehive where everybody lived peacefully. The
conflict was when wendy (evil) came to rule,
kidnapped margarite, and threatened to kill
her. The end moral is among many; never trust a
stranger,Apollo had trusted wendy
and wendy tricked him into doing her bidding. My
favorite character was Apollo because in the
end of the movie he had saved the hive, but I don’t
like wendy because she wanted to kill
margarite whom apollo had fallen in love with.
My favorite scene was when they saved the day and when wendy and her wasp minions went away.
Apollo had battled and defeated wendy and her
minions with the help of his friends .

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The best
part was when apollo and margarite got
married and when margarite gave the throne to
her friend who helped. Margarite and apollo did
something we now call a honeymoon. The worst
part of the movie was when the pests had
kidnapped margarite and brought her to the
dungeons so that wendy could become the queen.
I suggest this movie for children and adults with
a large sense of humor. All an all this movie
was pretty good.


By Diya Fatima

grade 5