Breakfast at Mugg&Bean! Etihad Plaza,Abu Dhabi

Mugg &Bean is a best breakfast place for me  as it has a huge variety of Breakfast, nearby my home and now with more add on menu.


Surrounding and seating:

  • Out door and indoor
  • Scenic
  • Green, flowery and airy
  • Pleasant for breakfast and dinnerMain attractions for me:
  • Huge collection of breakfast menu
  • Beautiful and scenic indoor and outdoor seating
  • Brown Muffins with raisins

Leopold’s of London

    Main course for kids:

    Chicken nuggets 18aed

    Babychino 5aed

    •  with a lot of crispy fried.
    • Crispy 
    • Delish
    • Crunchy

    Main course:

    • New Yorker: 45aed
    • Berry Delight: 42aed
    • Chicken Caeser salad Sandwich: 38 aed


      1. Huge meal
      2. Delish
      3. Available with brown bread
      4. Tasty and mouthwatering

       Check it !Mama’s fu Fu,Asian Cuisine

        New Yorker


          • Bottomless Iced tea
          • Cappachino
          • Latte


            • Good
            • Sometimes A little rude
            • While taking orders they may  miss the datails ,so batter to be very attentive while placing orders.


            120 for two people 




            Mugg & Bean is operating internationally in: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Kuwait and UAE. Locations currently in the UAE are:

            • Abu Dhabi Mall                                                 Tel: 02 645 4232
            • Spinneys Khalidiya                                          Tel: 02 681 2149
            • Al Masaood Automobiles – Mussafah              Tel: 02 555 0570
            • Etihad Plaza – Khalifa City A                           Tel: 02 556 8710
            • Sharjah Mega Mall                                           Tel: 06 574 7470
            • Thanks


            A Morning at Al Raha Beach Hotel,Abu Dhabi🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

            The two months of summer vacations  really made us mommies ,insane.So after the back to school relief ,the very first day,  me and my friend Aasiya  joined hands , after dropping our kids at the doorstep of their classes and rushed towards Alraha Beach Hotel for a delicious breakfast in a  beautiful morning(of course it was beautiful after leaving our kids in school 😜😜).

            Staycation at Radisson blu,Yas Island ,Abu Dhabi

            Atmosphere & surroundings:💯👌👌

            • Serene
            • Spacious
            • Fresh
            • Beautiful
            • Majestic combination of gold and red colour
            • Elegant and rich tone
            • Great ambiance

            Wow! It was a serene and cool dinning hall with the spectacular views of the One Dirham Structure,the famous Aldar HQ tower .Do you want beautiful views with your buffet,head over to Sevilla,that’s really fit for your romantic mood.

            Iftar Buffet at Terrace on the Corniche, AbuDhabi

            Breakfast at Savilla:

            • International


            • Perfect protocol
            • Quick services
            • Keen

            The Services, protocol, reception every thing was outstanding. . It was  a perfect breakfast with the international cuisine, cereals,mousli,fruits,stir-fry vegetable, aaloo paratha,Juices and coffee,serving every breakfast item of your taste and choice.

            What’s the most remarkable about Alraha Beach Hotel:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

            • The views
            • OMG the blue rose arrangements on reception
            • The serenity in the high ceilings lounge
            • The cool and soft color scheme that made you feel so comfortable and pleasing
            • Have your dinning experience at terrace that’s the best place to enjoy the atmosphere.
            • Every beauty you name they have.

            buffet at Kamoon,Khalidiya Palace Rehan,AbuDhabi


            • One of the few places I would love to visit many times.believe me! you’ll love it!.

              For their website, check link!


              Leopold’s of London (Makani Mall, Alshamkha,Abudhabi

              Surrounding & atmosphere:

              (the bestest part!)🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

              •  Complete Serenity
              • Perfectly cozy
              • Beautifully pink endorsing tranquility and peace
              • Energetic and soft color scheme
              • Awesome pastoral look
              • Comfy creamy sofas
              • Elegant chandeliers
              • Awesome ambiance

              Carluccios,Yas Mall,Abu dhabi


                • Great variety of breakfast,Lunch and dinner
                • International cuisine
                • A large variety of Juices ,smothies, teas and coffees.

                Our selection:

                • Crispy skin chicken (72aed)
                1. Tender and juicy
                2. Beautifully presented
                3. With a load of vegetables (to relieve my guilt a bit)
                • Barbecue Chicken Pizza (70 aed)
                1. Perfect
                2. Thin crust
                3. Cheesy
                4. Hot
                5. Delicious

                • Mix Berry crusher
                1. Beautifully presented
                2. Savage
                3. Chilled
                4. 😋😋😋

                  for photo gallary of almuneera branch, AbuDhabi


                  • Alert and attentive
                  • Good protocol
                  • Polite
                  • Keen


                  • Abu Dhabi
                  1. Alshamkha ,Makani Mall
                  2. Almuneera ,AlRaha Beach
                  3. The Galleria,Al Maryah Island
                  4. Boutik Mall,Al Reem Island
                  5. Nation Galleria,West corniche
                  • Dubai
                  1. Park Center Mall,Mirdif
                  2. The Beach, opposite JBR
                  3. Dubai Parks &Resorts,Riverland Dubai
                  • Sharjah
                    1. Zero 6 Mall, University city


                  9am to 11 pm



                  Wrap it, Yas Mall, (Abu Dhabi) 


                  • Economic(30 aed/meal)
                  • Tasty
                  • meal (wrap +wedges+salad+cold drinks)
                  • Big in size
                  • Quite Healthy if you avoid the fizzy drinks
                  • Ready in 10 minutes
                  • Good food to go

                  Variety in menus:

                  • Tikka
                  • Barb Q
                  • Falafel
                  • Meet shawarma
                  • Spicy chicken
                  • Chicken tender
                  • and more

                  -ve points:

                  • Nothing except it’s in the hussle buzzle of food court
                  • Locations:
                  • Yas Mall,Abu Dhabi
                  • Bas Mall,Abu Dhabi
                  • Doha:villaggeo, Landmark,GulfMall

                  Wrap it website link:


                  Carluccios,Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE

                  Surrounding & Sitting:

                  • Beautiful and sleek interiors and couches
                  • Cool and soft color scheme
                  • Spacious and stylish
                  • Beautiful paintings and flower arrangements

                  Kids meals:

                  • Large size pizza 🍕( you can order for yourself 😉😉😉)
                  • Crunchy and amazing bread sticks
                  • Juices🍹🍹
                  • Brownie vanilla😋😋😋
                  • Pricey but fits.(35aed/child)
                  • Colors and colouring papers

                    Main course ( for us)

                    • Main courses with chicken is really delish.
                    •  chicken and mushroom papparedlle pasta is very unique & yummy in taste.
                    • Main courses with chicken (almost 80aed) and grills that are served with two additional two sides of your choice are comparatively pricey( 80 to 130 aed) , not less in taste and presentation
                    • A big variety of beverages.
                    • The glasses for Pomegranate Punch seems smaller comparatively to others ,,,🍹🍹(21aed)


                    • They have a special package price:
                    • Three course meal with a drink costs only 85 aed/meal
                    • We didn’t get the offer and we paid more than with only a main course and drink 🙈🙈

                    Services: ,🍽🍽🍽

                    • Perfect



                      • The Dubai Mall
                      • City centre Midriff
                      • Dubai Marina Mall
                      • City center Deira
                      • Dubai airport T3
                      • Ibn Battuta
                      • Arabian Ranches 11

                      Abu Dhabi:UAE

                      •  The Galleria
                      • Yas Mall
                      • Eastern Mangroves


                      • Doha Festival City
                      • The Pearl
                      • Mall of Qatar