🔖🔖Review alert! 🔖🔖🍽🍴Iftar set menu 📌@chilisuae
Iftar set menu is available with apricot drinks+ water+ ( enchiladas / mushrooms) soup +main course( chicken / pasta/ burger)+ desserts( Molton cake /ice cream cookies) !🤗🤗🤗 As always, every thing is super yummy and amazing!chicken fajita was served with a salad and khubooz, 😋😋😋👌👌👌.sweet and sour 🍔was huge And difficult to take a bite but same delish and yummy! .🍻🍻Drinks were good with controlled sugar.🍮🍮Moltan cake…… OMG decadent.this iftar menu is pricy💵💵 but you will never regret for your choice!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍alert for kids menu👫👫: they have new theme color books📖 Field trip to the museum📖,

( more photos by me?  Check http://kashifsofia.blogspot.ae/2017/05/chilli-yas-mallabudhabi.html?m=1)