Every next step is an accomplishment!

Its a story started one year before. I had been totally drained after many years of 24/7  hours, parenting,household management, cooking and washing.I started to write in urdu,my native language,for two different digital platforms. That was a  very important milestone in my next days.I realized!

 “yea ! I can do this!”

 I could write something interesting, something many were interested to read.By the time I got a good audience there. It was not changed in a forth night. Every new blog and article was a difficult step ahead,a new challenge, a new anxiety, a new mission till it’s accepted and published, my nerves were  on a lot of pressure every next time. Is it a good topic? Will they accept it? What comments it will get? Can I hit the mark? All such sort of questions always hauling me.now as many regards me an established name, the slings of anxiety and rubs are still on me.Yes !

Today,I am stepping a little further,starting to work for features, still feeling myself a fresher ,excited about the new venture, amazed and curious. “Is it opening new doors for me? Am I entering something great????”

it’s great to feel moving forward! It’s awesome to get a little more place,more success, more accomplishments! Stepping forward is a joy,a delight,a love! It’s a journey deserves all hard work and troubles!20170609021939_IMG_0656.JPG

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