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Every next step is an accomplishment!

Its a story started one year before. I had been totally drained after many years of 24/7  hours, parenting,household management, cooking and washing.I started to write in urdu,my native language,for two different digital platforms. It’s something very important milestone in my upcoming days.I realized!

 “yea ! I can do this!”

 I can write something interesting, something many are interested to read.By the time I got a good audience there. It was not changed in a forth night. Every new blog and article was a difficult step ahead,a new challenge, a new anxiety, a new mission till it’s accepted and published, my nerves were fully on a lot of pressure. Is it a good topic? Will they accept it? What comments it will get? Can I hit the mark? All such sort of questions always hauling as many regards me an established name, the slings of anxiety and rubs are still on me.Yes !

Today,I am stepping a little further,starting to work for features, still feeling myself a fresher ,excited about the new venture, amazed and curious. “Is it opening new doors for me? Am I entering something great????”

it’s great to feel moving forward! It’s awesome to get a little more place,more success, more accomplishments! Stepping forward is a joy,a delight,a love! It’s a journey deserves all hard work and troubles!20170609021939_IMG_0656.JPG

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In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Beneficent!

textgram_1485431572it’s 17,June, 2017,and 24the of Ramdan Kareem, that launched me officially on my new WordPress platform, that is destined to work professionally with my blogging and writing career. I pray to Allah for a merciful start and a blessed approach to my goals and aims in life! 

Two years before I started my instagram that totally changed my views of life and gave me a new approach towards it. After around two years I have quite a good knowledge about photography, foods and restaurants, and have seen many people to work as bloggers and igers. Yes, it’s not enough to start a new career, but it’s well enough to take a step further, to launch myself officially, and accept this challenge professionally brought up to me by my life. Good luck to me and my dreams, let’s see what it has in her lap ready for me!